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          Logic Design for Digital Communication

          Development of Standards Based Physical Layer Modulators and Demodulators
          in FPGA or ASIC

          Modulation Formats:  OFDM QAM QPSK 8-VSB GSM CP
          M, PCM-FM

          Capabilities: Viterbi Decoding, Reed Solomon Decoding, Variable Rate Filtering, Carrier
          Recovery, Symbol Timing Recovery, Channel Estimation,
          Equalization, Synchronization,
          trellis demodulation

           IEEE 802.16 (WIMAX)  DVB-S, DVB-C,  ATSC, DVB-H,  GSM/GPRS, GPS,
          ,  ARTM PCM-FM (tier 0) ,  ARTM SOQPSK-TG (tier 1)

          System Analysis, Simulation and Algorithm Development:

          Implementation:  Altera Quartus, Verilog, Matlab
          Michael Paff

          Mr Paff has extensive experience in developing baseband hardware for satellite
          communication, cable modems, cellular and fixed wireless systems.  He is capable in system
          design, modulator/demodulator implementation and forward error correction
          implementation.  He holds patents in the areas of
          cable modem and satellite receiver and
          OFDM technology.  He has participated in cable modem standards process and IEEE
          802.16a standards activity.  He has a BSEE from Bucknell University and an MSEE from
          Syracuse University.

          Mr Paff is a strong believer in FPGA verification of complex communication algorithms.  In
          fact, FPGAs have replaced full ASIC in many communication applications with lower cost
          and shorter design time.  Mr. Paff has developed a large inventory of communication IP
          based on Altera technology.  This IP is based on Verilog and is easily ported to other

          Mr Paff can augment your design team by providing existing logic IP cores for modules such
          as Viterbi Decoder,
          Reed Solomon, OFDM modulator/demodulator, variable rate RRC filter,
          trellis demodulator or ATSC transmitter.  He can implement a custom module to your
          specifications.  He can provide system engineering support or help troubleshoot immediate
          Paff Engineering
          650 941 2954 or 650 704 9645 (cell)                                                                                                                                     Los Altos CA 94024
          Algorithm Development
          Modeling & Simulation
          Logic Implementation
          Prototype Development
          Prototype printed circuit board development
          Digital Modulators  and Digital Demodulators
          Transmit Evaluation Board
          Receive Evaluation Board